is a company based in the Netherlands with operations in Málaga. We create and develop with great passion websites entirely according to the customer's wishes, we are also experts in building e-commerce websites so that you as a customer can easily sell products on the internet! In addition, we can promote your product or website for you on Google, Facebook and Instagram. You can also contact us for customized advertisements. By communicating well with our customers, we are able to convert customer ideas into actual results.


Advanced techniques are what we use at Cheapwebsites

We have our own theme book with numerous designs for the customer to choose from. This allows us to guarantee quality products and convert all ideas into a beautifully working product for a competitive price. We use techniques that load the website faster and are well found on search engines. When you host the website with us, we take care of the entire online part of your company for a top result that you can proudly show to your customers!


Of course we at are not limited to our usual systems, but we also work with Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento or your own system on request. Thanks to our team of professionals and knowledge of different languages ​​and programming methods, we can deliver the product that suits you!


Our working method generally consists of the following phases:

Step 1: Get to know you

Allow our representatives to physically visit your company if you live in the Málaga area. Or have a virtual coffee via zoom or Skype to describe your business and needs.


Step 2: the design

In this phase we will discuss with the customer what the preferences are of the colors, shapes, photos, which theme, etc. We will also look together at what the wishes of the website are and how we are going to make those wishes reality, what is the goal of the website, which customer group you want to reach with the website ect. When we have a nice picture, we immediately start working on a web design and setting it up for a web page and the structure of the website to be built. These are discussed with the customer when they are ready. Subsequently, the discussed points will be adjusted and presented.


Step 3: The web design in operation

In this phase, the web design is developed into a working website or webshop. The created web design from the previous phase will be built and we ensure all functions. We will ensure that your website becomes search engine friendly (SEO) and is found well. When the project comes to a good result, the website will immediately be proudly presented to the customer. The customer is responsible for providing texts and images. To get a good result, we ask you to deliver texts and images about the company to us. We can of course also do this for a higher payment.

Step 4 Completion

The last phase is meant to put the points on the i. The customer can now still supply material, so that we give the website an initial filling. When all points have been completed, the website will be discussed with the customer and an explanation will be given of how the system works. If everything is approved, the website can be launched!


Site Web personnalisé

Tous les sites Web sont faits sur mesure pour répondre à vos besoins.


Faites connaître votre entreprise via Google et Google Maps en augmentant votre nombre de clients.


Tous les sites Web commencent à 30 € par mois sans frais supplémentaires!


Nous offrons un soutien personnalisé à tous nos clients par téléphone ou par e-mail.